Who are we?

The organization currently known as Downtown Revitalization Inc. started as a series of conversations and then informal meetings between residents, land owners and business owners in the Charlotte Amalie area. Frustrations with inadequate public services, including public safety, lack of parking, traffic congestion, and the physical deterioration of our historic town brought a diverse group of persons together in August of 2009.

Persons attending those meetings were passionate about their memories and vision for a town that could, once again, become a living and economically vibrant entitiy. Such a place would have varied businesses serving the residents of the town, and provide a safe environment to raise a family, experience social and cultural activities, and have areas of healthful recreational choices. In short, a town with a 24/7 life, not one that closed up at 5 p.m. The scope of the town was defined as stretching from Havensite and Sugar Estate in the east to Frenchtown in the west and north from the Waterfront uphill to include the neighborhoods of Savan, Fireburn Hill, Synagogue Hill, Long Path, Garden Street and Government Hill.

As meetings continued, momentum grew. Articles of Incorporation for Downtown Revitalization Inc., "DRI" were prepared and filed with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor on March 19, 2010.

During the past year, members of DRI have expanded the organization by reaching out to individuals, civic and church groups who are stakeholders in the downtown area, as defined above. DRI has facilitated many meetings between the public sector and the private sector and residents concerning public projects and operations within the town area. At times, avenues of communication were opened that did not exist before.