Harbor Transportation System

Charlotte Amalie has prospered for hundreds of years due to its relationship with the harbor. Very few towns and cities in the world can claim a more beautiful, natural harbor than the historic port of Charlotte Amalie.

To enhance the quality of life for our residents and to offer our visitors an unforgettable experience, the use of a harbor transportation system is essential. Through public-private partnerships, a simple water-based transportation system connecting Crown Bay, Frenchtown, Downtown, Long Bay and Havensight is easily obtainable with Federal Highway Administration funding.

Benefits: Once implemented, the harbor transportation system in conjunction with newly constructed parking facilities and enhanced traffic control measures will greatly reduce traffic congestion, enhance the flow of traffic into and out of the Downtown Area and improve the quality of life for all residents. Equally important, a harbor transportation system will eliminate the need to embark on the construction of a costly waterfront highway as well as enhance the flow of traffic to businesses and residential corridors outside of Charlotte Amalie.