Mixed-Use Development

  • Public
  • Residential
  • Commercial

Mixed-use is essential to the vitality of the Charlotte Amalie. With the development of shopping centers and strip malls outside of downtown, the Charlotte Amalie retail environment has steadily declined. Crime and a lack of suitable parking have deterred residential use. As residents continue to avoid town and its traffic congestion, it is imperative to reverse the migration out of town by establishing a Government Center to help lead the revitalization of Charlotte Amalie. The ripple effect would be immediate.

Benefits: Mixed-use development will transform Charlotte Amalie from a 9-5 shopping district into an energized, 24/7 center of commerce and residential life. Families will enjoy neighborhood activities and the ease of shopping and commuting to work minutes from their homes. Government workers and tourists will share common areas and restaurants as the bustling harbor town returns to its place as the heart of the community. Charlotte Amalie is the economic engine of the territory and as Government and expanded commercial and residential use returns to downtown, the signs of prosperity will be seen throughout the community.