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DRI's Events and Entertainment Pod assists in developing a community where businesses, residents and visitors alike can benefit from all initiatives and programs to ensure the downtown area of Charlotte Amalie maintains a vibrant, safe and viable financial base of operations by organizing and highlighting entertainment and things to do and sites to see and experience. This committee produces community events and encourages/helps other supporting organizations and individuals undertake activities that would also help this purpose; and creation of an on-going, consistent calendar of events and seeks to incorporate cost-effective transportation options for such events.

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RE: [events_team] Re: [events_team] [DRI] Reminder of events committee meeting

Hi Lisa;

Trying to get some appropriate pictures so you can have visuals for the DRI art and social event scheduled for Friday Dec 11. What's my deadline for the newsletter.

Cathy O'


[DRI] Reminder of today's events committee meeting

Hi, everyone!

Just a quick reminder of the Events Committee meeting today at 4pm at
the VI Council of the Arts office. This meeting is just for planning
the Art Walk & Downtown Soiree Event scheduled for Dec. 11th

David's original email thread talking about this was missing a few names
(including mine), so we understand that some of you may just be hearing
about this just now. I've included a portion of the original post below
for your information.


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