The Year So Far...

Dear Community Members,

It is with great enthusiasm I write to you about Downtown Revitalization Inc. recent activities and future plans. As I believe you are well aware, 2015 was an action packed year and 2016 is on the right track to be even better.

The DRI Board has been actively involved and engaged with community projects and endeavors. On the community project side, we continue to participate in discussions with the Department of Public Works to find a solution, start date and time schedule on the Main Street Revitalization Project. Although difficult, this ongoing conversation resumes regularly and we expect concrete answers in near future (3-5 weeks). This vital project is desperately needed to give a boost to our Historic District and DRI remains a main participate to see it through.

DRI has also been front and center in the discussion to ban barkers. I am sure many if not all of you have seen our March 6 th Daily News advertisement which clearly points out the continuing problem, negative impact both visibly and financially barkers have on our environment, identity and wellbeing. DRI along with our partners at the Chamber of Commerce continue to push this subject for the betterment of our Historic District and overall community.

On the event side, DRI has plans for another Art Walk and Food Fete. We are also working on 2 other incredible events both which have not been seen or taken place in the Historic District before. If I may give you a is fitness related and the second has to do with maximizing our remarkable historic structures.

DRI also continues to work with UVI, the Economic Development Authority, the Centennial Committee, building owners, realtors, and several other organizations to bring more people back into the Historic District through several new measure including tax credits, effective transportation plans and business opportunities.

Please do stay tuned...its look to be an exciting 2016 ahead. DRI hopes to have your support and hand's on assistance. Please visit to join a committee and get involved. Don't forget to the spread the is our town we are working to make better for all of us!

Best Regards,
Gautam Daswani, DRI - President