Town Meeting on Private Sector BID for Charlotte Amalie

DRI is proposing the use of a new approach to a Private Sector controlled and directed development program.

Downtown Revitalization Inc. [DRI], in cooperation and partnership with a growing number of local entities including the VI Territorial Association of Realtors, the St. Thomas-St. John Chamber of Commerce, and the India Association seek to launch a new Private Sector Project for the benefit of a full cross-section of the community.

Do you want to help stop the downward spiral of our economy and quality of life? DRI is proposing the use of a new approach to a Private Sector controlled and directed development program. The concept is based on the use of the BID [Business Improvement District] model. A BID is an organization of property and business owners in a commercial district who engage in neighborhood improvement. The BID movement is one of the most important developments in local governance in the last two decades. The BID is in supplementation to public Government functions. There are anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 such districts nationwide and the number grows monthly. BIDs have unleashed an enormous amount of private sector creativity towards the solution of public problems in un-thought of inter-related means.

See the following links as examples of effective BIDs: Of particular interest are and their annual report Old Pasadena : About Old Pasadena. Philadelphia's and a New York Times article,

DRI wants to introduce the entire St. Thomas community to this concept. And, importantly, DRI needs community feedback and engagement for moving forward with planning for the concept. The Town Meeting is opportunity for each member of the Private Sector: businesses, property owners, Realtors, churches/synagogue/mosque, community and charitable organizations and individuals, to learn about the concept and provide a buy-in decision to proceed and learn how each person can help. This is hands-on effort by everyone who is affected...and that means all of us.

Come out and learn what you can do to make this a reality!

Some additional reading resources we will discuss are: