Parking and Traffic Control

  • Multiple parking structures and parking lots
  • Metered parking
  • Designated taxi stands
  • A shuttle bus system to and from satelite parking lots

Federal Highway Administration funding can be sourced for as many qualifying projects as possible.

Our community identified the need for a multi-level parking structure adjacent to Ft. Christian 25 years ago. The lack of parking is choking Charlotte Amalie and preventing the town from expanding and accommodating more residential and commercial use. Appropriately designed public and private parking structures which incorporate landscaping and adhere to Historic Preservation guidelines will be a critical element to the success of the revitalization effort.

Benefits: Additional parking structures and improved traffic flow will enable residents and visitors to travel in and out of the Charlotte Amalie more efficiently. More parking and better traffic control will stimulate small business growth and create demand for residential use, leading to increased tax revenues, more diverse shopping and nighttime activities.